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Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions will I need to have?
This is negotiable, but of course ultimately it is up to you. Some people find just one session can be really helpful, whilst other people find great benefit in coming to counselling for several months.

Will I have to talk about my childhood?
What we talk about is largely up to you - I will mostly follow your lead, however I may ask the occasional question, or I might suggest we explore something if it feels helpful. You can of course decline, however counselling works best when clients are completely open.

What if I'm struggling between sessions?
The gaps between weekly sessions can seem a long time, and occasionally life can continue to be tough.
If you’re finding it hard between sessions, then this is something to discuss in the sessions. Excellent resources on mental wellbeing and self care can be found on the Mind website;

What if I open up just as the session is about to end?
I will let you know that we are nearing the end, and perhaps suggest you return to the topic next session if you want to. I recognise this is difficult sometimes, however we all need to be able to take break, and often there will be another client arriving soon. This may bring up difficult feelings for you, which are important, so hopefully you will feel able to share them during the session. Or maybe write them down when you get home and bring it with you next time.

Is crying expected?
Crying is normal and healthy and could happen at any point during counselling, some people cry, some don't; I will offer you some tissues if needed.

Will you just sit there in silence?
I often do sit quietly and listen when appropriate, but other times, I will maybe share what I think of what my client has said, or ask a question or share my own experience or sometimes a little bit of philosophy or psychological theory; people find all of these helpful.

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